Bukola Saraki

Bukola Saraki has undoubtedly been one of the hottest names on the political scene in 2018. The Kwara strongman, whose emergence as Senate president still sends shockwaves across the political space, was able to bring his ‘political cunning’ to play once again, and hold on to his seat, in spite of numerous calls and attempts from his detractors, to make him step down.

His ‘Machiavellian schemings’ were clearly visible as he cleverly managed to evade security personnel who laid siege to his personal residence, and appear at the Senate chambers to oversee the defection of 15 senators from the APC to the PDP; an incident which dealt a great blow to the ruling party.

Amidst the rancor, Saraki always knows how to keep the "red chamber" firmly in his control; even calling recesses, when things seemed like they were getting out of hand.

After being plagued by allegations of false asset declaration, Bukola Saraki also emerged victorious, when the Supreme Court cleared him of all such charges.

The Senate president has cemented his position as the ‘unofficial leader of the PDP’ and is poised to retain his seat for another four years, if the opposition party somehow manages to defeat the incumbent president in 2019 and regain power.

For his in-depth understanding of political power play and for always being one step ahead, Legit nominate Bukola Saraki as politician of the year.